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If your child has made a decision to follow Jesus, we ask that you as parents have an intentional
conversation with your child about whether or not he or she understands the meaning of this decision & the next step of Baptism.

If you would like to use the packets and resources below to work through that process together with your child then contact the office at 972-452-3751 or email us at info@victory-church.net and we'll be happy to email these to you.

Becoming a Follower of Jesus Packet
This packet is designed to help families work through some of the tough questions about faith and how to become a follower of Jesus.  

Baptism Packet
This packet will help you explain what Baptism is and help you determine if your child is ready.

Here's a few additional tools to help you walk with your child through this process:

Is my child ready to say YES to Jesus?
This packet will help you determine if your child is ready to ask Jesus to be the Lord of their life.

Is my child ready to be baptized?
What the Bible says about Baptism



We welcome you to contact our Connections Pastor, David Gilmer with any questions or if you would like to schedule a time for David to meet with your child to discuss salvation and baptism. Simply call us at 972-452-3751 or email us at info@victory-church.com.