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Francois & Margarite

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Rev. Francois Norcilus. I am co-cordinator for Bethel Baptist Ministries of Creve-Bombardopolis, Haiti. Our main focus is to reach the people of Haiti with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To date we have 3 churches, 2 elementary schools, 1 high school, clinic, sewing center and music class.

Bethel Baptist Ministries desperately needs your financial support and prayers. We have many ministry opportunities available. Child Sponsorship Program - $25.00 a month - pays tuition, one meal a day and school supplies for one child.

We need more classrooms and to finish the high school. We need a bigger Clinic building, medicine and supplies. We need a church building in Port Au Prince, and to help students attending college in order to serve Bethel Baptist Ministries better in the future and many more opportunities. There is much work to be done in the country of Haiti.

Thank You and May God bless you, Rev. Francois Norcilus