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Sunday Mornings

7:30 AM - Levites meet for prayer and ministry
9:00 AM - Life Groups, TKO and PEP
9:15 AM - Greeters Meeting
10:00 AM - Worship Service

5:00 PM - Bible Reading
                Teachers Meeting
6:00 PM Life Groups

Worship/Prayer - 7:00 pm
Youth Service - 7:00 pm
Kidz On Mission- 7:00 pm
(Nursery-6th Grade)



This Week Message

December 7, 2014

"Believing God for Big Things"

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Restoration @ Victory meets on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30 PM with a time of fellowship and worship beginning at 7:00 PM.  God is doing great things in this recovery ministry and we are seeing healing take place in the lives of many. This program is not just for addictions, but for recovery from all of life's problems.  If you or someone you know could benefit from this group, please feel free to come on Tuesday nights. Click on the image for more information.

Here is the Youtube link to view the RV Newcomers video.  http://youtu.be/di2XHkia6sw


Welcome to our website.

We are...........Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!


Christmas Blessings


We will put baskets together on Thursday, December the 11th at 6:00pm.

Many will be coming from work….if you can, please bring soup, sandwiches, desserts…just something good to eat!

We will need help picking up the groceries at Wal-Mart, here in Kaufman, please see Danny Treadaway if you can help. Thanks!

This is an awesome opportunity to help a family in need with their Christmas Dinner. It's also a time of great fellowship and a lot of fun preparing and delivering the baskets.


Pastor Todd's Recommended Messages

"A Night That Will Change Your Life"
"The Lord of Armegeddon"
"The Resurrection And The Life"
"They Did Not Know"
"Winning The Battle Over Fear"
"Winning The Battle Of Discouragement"
"Winning The Battle Over Temptation"
"Will My Life Collapse?"
"What Must I Do To Be Saved?"
"What Of The Night?"
"A Glimpse Into The Heart of God"
"From Now On"

All of Pastor Todd's sermons are available online. Visit our "Sounds of Victory" page for a full list of sermons of 2014.

If you would like to order a FREE CD(s) or series, please contactthe office at 972-452-3751.

God Bless


Keeping Christ in Christmas

As followers of Jesus, keeping Christ as the center of our family’s Christmas celebrations is key. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with decorating with snowmen, buying presents, throwing parties, eating lots of good food, or even playing Santa Claus. But if we do all those things and forget Christ, what does that say to our children? And what does that say to the world? 

Here are a few ideas of how we can "Keep Christ in Christmas".

1. Decorate with Nativity Sets – and use them to teach your children the Christmas story and about how God calls us to spread the gospel of Jesus all over the world.

2. Serve Others as a Family - Whether you serve a meal at your local soup kitchen or take a Christmas Basket to a neighbor, use this season as a springboard for serving those Jesus came to save throughout the year.

3. Deliver Treats with Scripture - What do homemade treats or baked goods have to do with celebrating Jesus?  It could be a prime example of keeping Him center by visiting your neighbors and delivering banana bread and an attached card with a Scripture proclaiming Christ's birth.

4. Decorate a Jesse Tree - A Jesse Tree uses devotionals from throughout the entire Bible, starting with Creation and the Fall of man and ending with Jesus’s coming. After reading each daily devotional, you and your children can make ornaments representative of that day’s story to hang on a special tree. 

5. Count down the days with an Advent Calendar–or Wreath - Advent refers to a period of spiritual preparation in the season leading up to Christmas. Many families celebrate Advent with countdown calendars for each day of December–or with lighting a candle for each week leading up to December 25.

6. Keep Gift-Giving Simple - There isn't anything wrong with giving gifts at Christmas, but instead of giving any and every kind of toy, you may want to simply give 3 gifts in representation of the 3 gifts that the wise men gave to Jesus. You can give a "want" (like a new toy), a "need" (like an article of clothing) and a "spiritual gift" (like a new Bible). 

7. Throw a “Happy Birthday, Jesus” Party - Bake a birthday cake for Jesus to eat with Christmas dinner. Another option would be to throw a birthday party for Jesus. Invite all the neighborhood children and use it as an evangelistic outreach. 

8. Dramatize the Christmas Story - Check your local churches and community for an outdoor nativity or other Christmas dramas. 

9. Watch The Nativity Story - Try watching it together on Christmas Eve while you're wrapping presents.

10. Create a Paper Chain Garland - Decorate your tree with a homemade paper chain. Each chain contains one Scripture from the Christmas story, and spend the days leading up to Christmas opening up and reading the verses. 

11. DON’T Do it All! - Yo will wear yourself out and forget the most important things about Christmas; to enjoy this Christmas Season with all those you love by showing the love of Christ, attend a Christmas Eve Service at your church. and remember, JESUS is the very best gift of all!

Be A Part of Victory

Our Sunday services are built around 2 C's:

CELEBRATION as we seek to grow in worship with our Worship Pastor, Art Treherne.

CONNECTION as we seek to meet and be real with God and with each other.

Victory 1 Sunday mornings begin with our Life Group Classes at 9 am and Worship Service starts at 10 with contemporary music followed by Pastor Todd's sermon. Sunday night Life Group Classes start at 6 pm.

We celebrate Jesus whether it's indoors or out.



Whether you are seeking the truth about God and eternity or a serious disciple who has known the Lord for years, there are many avenues here in which to learn and grow.

Check out our service times and join us. You are always welcome at Victory.